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UltimateToolKit for MCPE

Version: 0.4.5 | Downloads: 11.298

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The right app if you want Minecraft PE Mods, Maps, Seeds and Texture Packs! Download now and you'll have a new Minecraft Pocket Edition expirience

Internet connection is required for many great features althought the UTK won't consume much of your data plan, but that depends on your usage.★★★Maps:★★★You can choose between many diffrent maps, Skyblock, The Survival Games and Modern Warfare 3: Seatown are just some of over 70 Maps. You should refresh the maps database daily to not miss any new Maps.★★★Texture Packs:★★★After downloading the UTK for Minecraft PE you'll have access to many famous Texture Packs, ported by community members from the PC version of Minecraft to the Pocket Edition★★★Mods:★★★You can find many mods contributed by the community. They can be easily accessed on a nice interface which provides screenshots of almost all mods.

You needPocketToolto install mods.★★★Seeds:★★★With the 0.4.0 update a new great feature has been added: The Seed-Store. There you can browse through THOUSANDS of Seeds, if you find one you like press the "Like" Button. You can also publish your own seed right thought the app, just by entering a Seed, your Name and a Description of the Seed★★★MAPBackup:★★★After the 0.4.5 update, a new Feature is available: MAPBackup

Use it to manage Multiple Backups, One-Click Batch Backup, One-Click Restore. The Titanium Backup for Minecraft PE Maps!★★★Current features:★★★✰Browse through many mods!✰Browse through many Texture Packs!✰Download Maps from this categorys:•Survival•Creative•Superflat•World biomes•PvP✰Share your Minecraft PE Maps with your friends all around the world, just one click is needed and you can choose between GMail, Bluetooth and more!★★★Translations:★★★There are already many Translations available, if you want even more you could help translating the UTK here:★★★The WeeklyPoll:★★★Join the weekly poll:http://weekly.poll.ChrisMCMine.deEvery week you can vote for an other question, mostly about Minecraft PE and the UTK. The page is also embedded in the App to Rate.★★★Be social:★★★✰Twitter:✰YouTube:✰My Palringo Group:[PalMCMine]★★★Permissions:★★★• ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE and ACCESS_WIFI_STATE

Check for Internet Connection


Download maps/files etc.


Needed due to Restrictions of the Android Framework when checking Connection★★★Disclaimer:★★★This app is a free alternate to:Minecraft Seeds Pro, Seeds PRO for MinecraftThis is not Minecraft or Minecraft Pocket Edition (PE)

You can find the official Minecraft PE here:Minecraft Pocket EditionThis app is in no way affiliated with Mojang or any other company!

Tags:Minecraft Pocket Edition, MCPE, Minecraft PE, Texture Packs, Mods, Maps, Worlds, SeedsWow, you actually read the whole description of an app which tries to make Minecraft PE more enjoyable ;)



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I have used this application before, It's alot better than Google's Play Store PocketTool. They never update the store.


9 months ago


zizo ra3


zezo123ew وصلنا الرياض سلمى سلمى اسم انهار anhar1 اسمها (توفه آل حرمل) وصلنا الرياض وصلنا الرياض وصلنا الرياض اسم انهار anhar1 سلمى وصلنا الرياض متا بتجون كل زق ياحيوان respawnables فهد الحسينان اسمي sa213ew اسم صالح العيد


11 months ago


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